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RUFFA 002 – Ruffneck as Knighvision 12″ released

pvk | June 19, 2020

Ruffa 002 – Ruffneck as Knightvision 12 Inch released!


Extremely Limited Collectors Item Vinyl release!

This item is absolutely ONLY for the diehard Ruffneck collector.

I felt the need to push bounderies a bit further regarding the way the music sector nowadays work. There is streaming, mp3 download sites (legal and illegal unfortunately) etc etc.
However, i miss the days where I would go to the store to find myself EXCITED to buy THAT special product i knew was made with love and the balls to be different, whether or not i liked it.
It was a mission and a hunt for THAT special product instead of a click away and have it as a digital…file…
So my dear soldiers, THAT made me want to try to bring the feeling of excitement and fulfilment back in some sort of way….And THAT’S how Ruff Anomalies was born!

Ruffneck anomalies is a special sublabel of Ruffneck. The music on this label for some reason could not appear on the main label itself for various reasons.
They may be a special 1 off project, a special version of an existing song I felt still had some extra life to live, a special collab, somehow of a style mixup, or simply an experiment outside the regular original hardcore all in all.
It might actually end up not being a real hardcore song AT ALL…..but then again….sometimes or most of the time it will 😉
This serie is for the DIEHARD collector only as sometimes i WILL DROP something that is NOT what you will expect or maybe even like at all.
This is a label by an artist relying on it’s true soldiers and the need to be able to simply be creative without being stuck in a certain style box……
SO if you expect and ONLY want hardcore….I advise to NOT collect this serie. Most of the time you will find it ok…but then there will be times you might be very disappointed.

This record actually only holds ONE real song on it . The other two are special atmosphere additions you could use as intro or outtro or simply listen to.
This is pushing the limits of the most loyal collectors to the max as there will also NOT be any previews before release date!

Ruff anomalies is for those open minded people who simply want it all AND like to collect all things Ruffneck AND are up for a challenge!

Because of the nature of these EXTREMELY limited weird addition to the Ruffneck family you are allowed to ONLY buy ONE!

  • More expensive than a normal record (Elite stuff in small amounts are more expensive to make as well)
  • No preview available BEFORE the release
  • Only 175 – 200 copies available (Depending on the possible few extra’s the record plant delivers)
  • Colored vinyl
  • Special hand drawn one page comic style inlay card
  • Product is sealed with a sticker
  • Free digital download of the music on this vinyl
  • Guaranteed makes you an instant superhero for being open minded and supporting the cause 🙂

Tracklist RUFFA 002

01. Ruffneck as Knightvision – Incantation (Isaiah 26:16) (Lost Khnum Scroll Tale)
02. Ruffneck as Knightvision – Exodus (Jeremiah 29:11) (Lost Khnum Scroll Tale)

The free included download code containing this release will be inside the package on a seperate code strip!
This anomaly serie is a bit of a strange special project and thus everything around it is….different than the usual. Get used to “different” approaches 🙂

Written by pvk

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