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News Category

pvk | April 13, 2018

Noisey took an interview with me a little while ago when i was doing a tryout in Paard den haag for my live performance(s). They asked me several “my first time” things, which resulted in a trip down memory lane for me  Some memories where pretty painful to be reminded of, while others […]

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Slipmats available …NOW!

pvk | March 29, 2018

I had quite some customers asking me for slipmats…. I am happy to annonce that as of today the slipmats i had produced in the U.S.A. are available immediately. I did not tell anyone about these mats and simply ordered a test batch in a small amount to test the […]

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Merchandise status & sold outs

pvk | March 14, 2018

The supreme Intelligence long sleeves where sold out a little while ago. At the moment the short sleeves are not available anymore either. Of course these shirts will NOT return. Thank you customers who purchased one of these shirts. At the moment the Ruffneck festival flag black is down to […]

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DJ Ruffneck at Decade After words.

pvk | March 11, 2018

O….M…..G….!!! What an insane weekend this was! First of my sets at the hardcore vs drum and bass party by orbital station in Moscow on friday where i was received with soooo much enthusiasm by my Russian crew and soldiers! Venue packed and people ready for whatever was thrown at […]

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Spin B2B with DJ Ruffneck!

pvk | February 28, 2018

Have you ever wanted to spin Back 2 Back with DJ Ruffneck in front of a live audience on a party? Well…Here is your chance! On March the 10th DJ Ruffneck will be spinning in a special room at the DECADE OF EARLY HARDCORE party in the hemkade. This room […]

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Merchandise stock status

pvk | February 9, 2018

Some items are sold out and will NOT return anymore. Some other items are going fast and are entering the stage of sold out soon meaning they will not return either anymore. For now we have displayed the status of certain items in a nice graphic 😉 In written form: […]

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New Merchandise Including Hoodie!

pvk | February 2, 2018

The first Ruffneck hoodie has been added to the merchandise line! Black hoodie made from nice VERY good quality soft fabric. Also flat square cords instead of the regular round ones I have chosen for a MODERN kind of hoodie WITHOUT front pockets AND with the nice thick square cords. […]

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25% Discount weekend!

pvk | January 25, 2018

I have counted all the stock we have left and found some items that where previously sold out and such. I also recounted and updated the entire stock. Some items are almost completely sold out and i have decided to NOT reprint some colors of the standard Ruffneck shirt as […]

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pvk | November 5, 2017

Next to the flash sale I also added a Ruffneck Soldier Backpack AND the first of a small collection of special Pins to the Merchandise line. The backpack is a camo coloured backpack with the ruffneck soldier logo EMBROIDED on the front! I actually use it as my DJ Bag […]

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Limited Edition Supreme Intelligence Shirt

pvk | November 1, 2017

This weekend you will be able to get your hands on a special limited edition Supreme Intelligence shirt. This so called “Flash Sale” is already part of the 25 Years Of Ruffneck (#YOR) that starts in 2018. I got asked countless times by my followers to re-release the supreme intelligence […]

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Knightvision Identity Revealed!

pvk | October 27, 2017

A few days ago i gave my followers the opportunity to ask me one question i would answer as a prequel to my 25 years of ruffneck campaign. The most asked one would be answered. Tonight at 18.00 i will officially reveal the identity (on facebook) of Knightvision as promised […]

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