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DJ Ruffneck 2017 Thunderdome Tribute Mix 01

pvk | August 4, 2017

Just in time for the weekend. For all those people in love with the original hardcore, I made a little special Thunderdome tribute

2017 Marks the official 25 years cycle for the iconic THUNDERDOME legacy.

For this first mix (I will create a few more) I decided to just randomly grab a bunch of tunes that pulls me back to the golden days of the original hardcore sound. I deliberately put in several tracks that i really love, but not necessarily spin during my early sets.

Some tunes sometimes just don’t fit in my sets, but i felt like bringing back some of these tunes in this special mix to reflect the vibe and possibilities of that era and music style AND parties at THUNDERDOME. The era when rules where…non existent.

I know i am missing dozens of tracks that could be used as well, but the early era is pretty vast and i simply grabbed a hand full of those tunes that are special to me and sometimes overlooked or simply forgotten…UNTILL you hear them again.

I have added some extra information behind the tunes where needed, like for instance the alias or version information. Just for those who are curious for knowledge 😉

I hope this little tribute mix takes you back to those days again, and put a smile on your face at the same time.

Till Thunderdome (28-10-2017) 😉

The mix can be found on my Soundcloud account located here

Written by pvk

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