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pvk | May 14, 2018

After a lot of questions from fans when we were going to drop Enzyme 060, it is finally here! We thought it was time to celebrate one of our most memorable releases with some new influences, but not forgetting about the original one. As it’s been well over a decade since it’s initial release and the overwhelming impact it has had on many of our loyal fans. It was time to do something special.We present you the (very!) limited picture disc edition of Ophidian & Ruffneck‘s “So Many Sacrifices”! Including two remixes by Rapture and NeoX. The original track has been carefully remastered to fit today’s standards, so you can play it loud again in your sets!The A-side of this record is a remix by Rapture and it’s a long one! With it’s tense and cinematic intro, this vinyl-only version of his remix is one for the dedicated fan. As Rapture put’s it: “a listening experience for the Enzyme enthusiast”. He recreated all the elements of the original from scratch, and turned it into a perfect blend with his own unique style. All this created a hardcore marvel of over eight and a half minutes!

On the B-side, the first track you can find the NeoX remix of this timeless classic. High energy and a heavy kick is what drives this remix, with the perfect atmosphere for the dancefloor. As NeoX is known for his special twist on mainstream hardcore, this remix is no different. The sheer power of this track is what brings the original into a different realm, ready to blast your sets!

And last, but certainly not least, is the remastered version of the original. As quality improves, sometimes even classics need a little polish. So that’s what Enzyme did and it sounds glorious!

So there you have it, after a long time, there finally is a new special edition picture disc out on Enzyme Records. This is a limited pressing and there will be no reproductions, so get yours fast!

Written by pvk

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