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New merchandise avaialble ….NOW!

pvk | August 21, 2018
What about some new goodies than eh? It’s been to long i know.
However since i moved my entire merchandise catalog to a new company who handles my stuff now, we needed some time to create new quality material. So with full pride I present to you 8 (that’s right, EIGHT! ) new items.
My personal favourite, which i briefly showed as a teaser at the end of my set at the lowlands festival is undoubtedly the new Ruffneck – Code of honor flag, which is of a VERY different quality as the previous flag! Thicker, and simply much better!
Some people might have also spotted me for a while wearing a black silicone wristband…well that was actually the code of honor silicone wristband in black, which is now available in two colors (Actually three but the third one comes for free ONLY with the flag)
And yes, after having some good conversations with some females, i have come up with the very first Ruffneck Lady top. We discussed quite a few options but this one came out as the winner. Jump around without fear of something accidentally popping out 😉
Ah well, actually i like all the new items to be honest 😀
You can grab all the new stuff at my website or right here on facebook using the nice blue button (If you are on a computer)
#djruffneck #25YOR #originalhardcore

Written by pvk

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