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Ruff 053X Release

pvk | January 15, 2019

14-01-2019 – Ruffneck – Napalm (Burn!)

The Ruff 053X will be available at the Ruffneck party being held at Tivoli 19.01.2019.

Oversees foreigners will as of now be able to order the vinyl ahead as i have reserved a certain amount for people OUTSIDE the netherlands because i do understand that people from australia, america, Russia etc can not attend the party and I DO think of ALL my followers.

People from holland have to understand that it would be crazy to have an own night …but NOT selling the vinyl there because someone in fliereplurgstraveen needs to keep his collection complete (To actually buy more and sell them on marktplaats for 5 times the amount…..yeah right)

I simply have to sell them at the party as I feel that a lot of fans will attend (I see a LOT of the same faces every time so I DO know this to be true)

I also do understand that there are people who simply can not attend or never go to parties and collect my music on vinyl for which i am extremely grateful. I will NOT sell the ENTIRE batch at the party off course. I WILL keep a batch behind that will become available after the party. However that will obviously not be a huge amount as I will have sold a lot at the party AND there is a reservation for the oversees customers. In other words there still is a chance to get it online, just in a very small amount available.

So basically i am splitting the sales in 3 parts which i believe is the most FAIR solution i can come up with.
If people still don’t get it…well i guess that is something that can’t be helped. I simply can not make EVERYBODY happy, even though i absolutely try my best.

If you have a buddy, a friend or what not that needs to know the status of the RUFF 053X sales, than please DO send this message to them or even better place it on your own wall to make sure everyone knows the situation.

I present to you in my 25th year of Ruffneck, Ruff 053X

A1 : Ruffneck (As DJ Ruffneck) – Napalm (Burn!)
B1 : Ruffneck (As Wedlock) – Mirrors
B2: Ruffneck (As D’spyre) – 5.31 Minutes to D’spyre

Available on vinyl in full colour, sealed in resealable plastic. Artcore as it was originally made and has stood the hand of time, and hardcore as it was intended.

Now let’s create NEW future memories. Help me spread the word and let this message echo across the internet.

We …. have…. come ….home!

Written by pvk

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