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RUFFA 000R – Malachi – The Undiluted Acid Recipes

pvk | February 25, 2020

With these versions I wanted to go back even FURTHER in time, so I made them sound more like the hardcore from around 1993 ish. The time before I was known as Ruffneck and made tracks by the name of 80 Aum, bazeman, Mindcontroller etc….

Names I used from 1989 up untill 1993 ish

The tempo on this special Acid inspired vinyl has been dropped and I gave it a much more old school vibe, so maybe these remixes are not for everyone except the true collectors, but hey…that’s what Anomalies is all about 🙂

I produce what feels right and what I need to express and this one just felt like I needed to do it just because I can.

The remixes of the track originally found on RUFFA 000 called Malachi now comes in 4 different versions.
They are basically all the same JUST with a little twist, so called VIP versions.

There is a slight difference in vibe in each track , but they all follow the same arrangement….sort of…

The bazeman’s happy recipe starts of basically the same as the grumpy recipe, but just feels more…happy. Also because of the slightly different kick and pitch.
So depending on your preference you can go for more uplifting OR more raw in your face old school vibe.

the Mindcontrollers hardbass recipe simply ahs a more friendly approach and a deep more analog kind of less distorted kick for the classic sets for the TRUE oldschool parties.

The 4th track really is a dj tool made for those who are good at mixing and need to put the acid line on top of a different track without being hindered by percussion, breaks , kicks and what not.

The acid line is placed on top of a very deep bass “kick”. This is done so you can actually mix it in , but when turning down the bass on your mixer, the ACID line passes through unhindered with full frequency response 🙂

Did I already mention it comes as a limited edition YELLOW vinyl?

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Written by pvk

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