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The hype is real!

pvk | January 31, 2020

It started out as an official logo for my loyal followers. After more than 25 years of Ruffneck Soldiers, it was time for an official logo.
SO I sat down last weekend and created one which has been embraced with nothing but love. While I was doing it I proposed a special project where I would produce a special bomber version if there would be enough people willing to support this initiative as we already had a few bombers lately before so I would understand if there would be not much animo for it….

Oh boy was I wrong!

The official Ruffneck Soldiers facebook page made it pretty clear that people where absolutely willing to support this and asked me to put the MOCKUP images of the bombers online
(They do not exist yet as they where simply made quickly in photoshop to give a rough idea of how the end result would more or less look like)

So without further ado, let’s make it happen in reality as of right now for about two weeks the PRE-ORDERS can be placed.

BOMBERS in 4 versions and while I was at it….I threw in the possibility of a bodywarmer version as well ….because…why not 🙂

If we get to the requyired numbers we will start producing it straight after for ONE TIME only, and after that they will never be made like this again.

THANK YOU dear followers for this amazing project in which we have together come to a very unexpected outcome.



Written by pvk

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