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This was Ruffneck In 2019

pvk | January 1, 2020
This was Ruffneck in 2019.
The year where I released my new CD ALBUM and where I have released a total of FIFTEEN (15!) hardcore vinyls (and FOUR more techno releases on my new label on top of that making it a total of 19 vinyls!) including some represses, new original hardcore on the main label AND even a new sublabel with two new releases so far.
I’d say this is a pretty big achievement for someone who is doing everything by himself 🙂
Huge thanks and massive respect to everyone who bought some of the label’s music, saw me perform, supported me and the label(s) by buying some merchandise i released or just enjoyed anything the labels where involved in this year.
We have obviously more lined up for 2020 so expect a first announcement soon.
Also big thanks to the organisations who decided to have me at their event like B2S , Pandemonium , Q-dance , Defqon.1, @Decade Events, @Melkweg Amsterdam, TivoliVredenburg , Gebr de Nobel, @Ground Zero, Shutdown Festival, Decibel Outdoor Festival, Play Events, HARDGATE, @TITANIUM Festival, @Dance 2 Eden PKHS and of course Rezerection
I Am sure i am forgetting some organisations and places i have been, so please forgive me for that. Know that i loved each and every gig i have played this year.
For now i will just summarise the Ruffneck releases I did this year as probably most of you are mainly interested in the hardcore side obviously when you are reading this on my dj ruffneck page.
Ruffneck records Main label releases 2019:
Ruff 053X. Ruffneck – Napalm
Ruff 054X. Ruffneck (as Knightvision) – The death below
Ruff 055X. Ruffneck – Lost priest of a broken future beyond infinite promised dreams
Ruff 057X. Ruffneck & Lockjaw – Special series vol VII
Ruff 056X. Ruffneck CD Album – The crime & Lives of a ruffneck (Collection IX)
Ruffneck Anomalies sublabel releases 2019:
Ruffa 001. Ruffneck – Revelations (Malachi)
Ruffa 002. Ruffneck – I am reborn
Ruffneck Recollections releases 2019:
Ruffneck Rec 001 – Knightvision Recollection part 1 of 2
Ruffneck Rec 002 – Knightvision Recollection part 2 of 2
Ruffneck Rec 003 – Ectomorph Recollection part 1 of 1
Ruffneck Rec 004 – Various Recollection
Ruffneck Rec 005 – Wedlock Recollection part 1 of 3
Ruffneck Rec 006 – Wedlock Recollection part 2 of 3
Ruffneck Rec 007 – Wedlock Recollection part 3 of 3
Ruffneck Rec 008 – Juggernaut Recollection part 1 of 3
Ruffneck Rec 009 – Juggernaut Recollection part 2 of 3
On my Absolete label (Hard techno or something…whatever you want to call it)
ABS 001. Ruffneck Prime – Sign of the 13th Pyramid
ABS 002. Ruffneck Prime – Haka (War dance)
ABS 003. Scörch – Banshee
ABS SP 01. Esther Duijn – Dawn of the last era (Ruffneck Prime remix)
On top of all this I also released:
Two bomber jackets
Two soccer shirts
A knitted double sided scarf
Several fans
Several posters
Some extra small items for the limited edition bomber
Several normal printed shirts
And i’m sure i forgot some more….but I think the message is pretty clear.
(BTW TODAY is the last day i will sell the printed bomebers after which they will never be available anymore either)
Ruffneck is STILL in your face and more active than EVER before.
Thanks to my loyal army of ruffneck soldiers I am blessed to be able to do even more of the stuff I love to do and I hope to write some sort of same list next year (Although this is pretty hard to top I already know hahaha)
But rest assured I will try my best to make 2020 just as exciting with your help.
Thank you everybody for your never fading relentless support. Be safe and let’s make some more memories in 2020!
Ruffneck out!
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Written by pvk

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